The Warrenville Park District volunteers are fantastic! Whether they are coaching soccer, selling tickets, serving at senior luncheons or picking up litter in a neighborhood park, our volunteers keep our parks and programs looking great and running smoothly all year-round. Join the dedicated and enthusiastic folks who make “Creating opportunities for a healthy community” a vision we all share.


How do I get involved?

Please contact the staff person listed after your interest at 630-393-7279. If you want to help, we’ll find a way to put you to work!

Coaches for Youth Sports

Contact David Weiner or email at davew@warrenvilleparks.org


Conservation and Natural Resources

Contact Gregg Ireland or email at greggi@warrenvilleparks.org


Senior Programming or One Day Events

Contact Ruth Brackmann or email at ruthb@warrenvilleparks.org


Special Events

Contact Tom Rowe or email at tomr@warrenvilleparks.org

If you have a suggestion to add to our list of volunteer opportunities, please contact Tom Rowe at 630-393-7279 or tomr@warrenvilleparks.org.